Leap of faith !

So this month I finally did it! I left my day job to work only for myself. Why did I do such an irresponsible thing with a family to feed and bills to pay you ask? I’ll tell you why, I literally had to.

When we give our all to an employer, our aim in life is to go to work, progress, find comfort in the fact we’re doing an amazing job, and getting paid for it! As a single parent though, our kids miss out when we sacrifice being at the school gates, sitting round the dinner table for meals, missing out on sports days, school plays, and ‘insert milestone here’ events in our kids’ lives we comfort ourselves with the fact that we need to ‘Progress and work hard to be paid’

One day you realise that you are just a cog in the machine, and no matter how fantastic your work ethic is your replaceable. That’s when I realised, to my children, I’m irreplaceable. There is literally no contest. So I came up with a business idea and MEND Accounting was born. Yes, this meant more hours, running my business of an evening then working full time during the day.

This time though I was ‘working hard, doing an amazing job and building MY DREAMS’ rather than someone else’s. The day I received my P45 and realised that I’m officially unemployed was petrifying, I’ve worked full time since I was 16 so this really is a leap of faith. However, I’ll never again miss an appointment, or play, or have to travel for work. I’ll never again be made to feel bad trying to book a holiday or time off to take my children to the doctors. I will however build some amazing relationships with clients, workings around their schedule and mine to give the best customer service available. Ill offer a remote, unique service tailored to their business, working with external agencies and integrating with bespoke software to make life as easy as possible for them.

Along with all this, I’ll be a business owner, director, Advisor, Friend, but most importantly ill be a Mum, and I’ll never feel guilty again.

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