5 Reasons to hire a bookkeeper

Whether you work in a creative industry, or construction industry, starting up a new business is driven by the love of what you do. Working for someone else becomes tedious, so you decide to do it your way 🙂

However, no one likes the mundane administration tasks. The none income bearing tasks that zap your time. It is crucial though that these tasks are completed correctly.

  1. Time: A Bookkeeper will save you time, whilst they are looking after paperwork, and day to day admin, you can concentrate on your core business. They will also ensure you don’t miss any deadlines, and remind you to pay your tax on time.
  2. Finance: When applying for funding, loans, even bank accounts. A bookkeeper can ensure your numbers add up. Present in the correct format cash flows, and forecasts.
  3. Management Accounts: Cash is king. But, this is very different from profit. Understanding how your business is managing costs, and income and day to day expenses can stop you from making mistakes. This, in turn, will save you money, ensuring your handing over the correct figures at year end to your accountant.
  4. Software: Cloud accounting software has revolutionised the process of bookkeeping. Your bookkeeper can now see daily your expenditure meaning you don’t have to deliver lots of paperwork weekly/ daily. Also, some software allows you to take photos of your receipts to feed direct. Ask your bookkeeper to talk through the costs of this. I offer this as part of my package saving you ÂŁÂŁÂŁ
  5. Shoulder to lean on: Its very lonely at first, running your business and not knowing exactly what your responsibilities are. Your bookkeeper can be a listening ear, a guiding hand, and on your side.

Whether you’re looking for bookkeeping only, or final accounts we can help. Contact MEND Accounting Ltd on 07928 765 320 or by email ndonnelly@mendaccounting.co.uk for more information or a no-obligation meeting.


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