MEND Business Coaching

Business Coaching for Start-ups

We are often asked if we can support new startups to create their business.

The perception is perhaps that we only have the experience working with highly established businesses or maybe the belief that our training advisory and coaching will be out of reach on a financial basis for new startup situations? Neither of these statements is correct though…

For the record – working with new start ups is a particular passion of ours!

Our direct advice and action orientated coaching has supported many new business achieve success quickly and effectively.

This page is designed to explore the different ways we can help you develop your business if you’re a business owner with a new, or fledgling, business.

So, how can we help you?

Example 1

I have limited resources, some business experience , but struggling doing everything for myself and need to make a business break through

If this sounds like you then you may find our monthly video conferencing programme would help. I can give you direct guidance in creating your business, deciding whether your business will be a limited company/ Sole trader, create your company, advise you on software, marketing, how to gain clients, plus ongoing coaching to better serve your clients.

Sign up for our blog and an initial video consultancy session for free. Then if you decide to go ahead, and think it will help you grow your business then the investment of membership from only £35.00 per month which includes a monthly video/ telephone conference. This should be manageable for anyone who is really serious about their business.


Sign up for our blog and an initial video consultancy session for free. Then add on Video conferencing monthly, unlimited email contact, direct meetings when required, accountancy practical help and advice and annual self-assessment. Prices start at £50.00 per month.

Contact Nicola for free initial consultation on


Example 2

I have no resources, limited experience, and need help getting my ideas off the ground

If this sounds like you there are two ways we can help you.

As a minimum, you can sign up for our blog which will give you some support and ideas as you strive to get the business off the ground. You are also welcome to use any other of our free downloads and resources.

If you are serious though, about starting to make the breakthrough then perhaps you need to think seriously about making a tiny investment in your future. There are a couple of ways you can do this:

  • Sign up for our blog and the initial video consultancy session for free. Then invest in our email only service, this is a subscription of only £10.00 per month.


  • Sign up for our £99.00 One off fee start up clinic. The free initial video conference to find out where you are and what guidance you require.  Ill then guide you through setting up your business, registering for companies house, HMRC, and your responsibilities as a Director.

Contact Nicola for free initial consultation on