It’s Not Too Late To Get Your Business In Shape For Christmas.

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So, at the time of writing, we’re just over one month away from Christmas Day. You might have started to buy your presents, wrapping paper and cards but is your business in top shape for the Christmas period? If not, don’t panic, Santa’s Little Helper  – aka Team Mend Accounting, is here to help!

Up your Marketing Efforts Now

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you can always do that little bit more marketing. If you’re B to C, then what are you waiting for! Competition in the Christmas market is fierce, but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed.

Think about where your customers “hangout”  then go there yourself. In an ideal world, you’d be busting social media, email marketing, traditional marketing and getting yourself out and about too. In reality, there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Most B to C businesses will find customers on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re already on there, up the ante. Think about paid advertising. It’s not overly expensive and if you get the audience targeting right, can bring you a great return on your investment.

Schedule Your Social Media Over The Christmas Period

Use a free tool such as Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule social media posts in advance. Or, you can schedule directly into Facebook, on business pages. Don’t forget the ” quick wins” such as Christmas-related posts. Get organised, then you concentrate on other areas of your businesses.

Deal With Your Cashflow Now

If you have money owed to you, leave it and it won’t be in your bank by Christmas. Start sending gentle reminders now. People have many distractions leading up to Christmas and often paying invoices falls way down the list of priorities. Some businesses will also start winding-down by mid-December so get chasing that outstanding cash now!

If you owe money and you can’t realistically pay now, then you owe it to be honest. Many small businesses trade with other businesses. It’s only right that you give fair warning if you’re going to be late paying.

Treat Your Clients

It could be that you’ve not got the budget for extravagant Christmas gifts for your clients. Don’t worry. Be imaginative. Can’t do cards? Then, send out a personalised email. Use Mailchimp and it’ll look fab.

Perhaps you could offer a small discount or ” freebie” for the New Year instead? It’ll promote loyalty and you don’t have to hammer your bank account before Christmas.

Decide When You’re Closing for Christmas and Tell Everyone

Get it in the diary when you’re closing over Christmas and New Year. Commit to it now and stick to it. Every small business owner needs a break. Once you’ve made your decision then tell your clients. This is easy on social media -a few Christmas themed graphics or memes will do nicely. Or, send out an email.

Reflect and Start Thinking About 2018

Unless you’re a superhuman business god, there will have been times in 2017 that have not gone to plan. Perhaps you’ve had difficult times financially or you’re struggling with work/life balance?

Enjoy your friends and family over Christmas but also celebrate your successes as well as reflecting on what could have gone better. Start a plan for 2018. Challenge yourself but don’t be too hard on yourself too. Be realistic but don’t be afraid of reaching for the stars.

Get your infrastructure in place. Sort out your books and records, review your finances and think about your marketing too. Make 2018 an absolute belter!

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