Outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens!

Where’s your head at?

Are you employed, but constantly daydreaming about running your own business?
This was me 9 Months ago.
For all of my adult life I had slaved away for someone else, and for the last 2.5 years whilst also running my small practice alongside it. I only actually left my job, after realizing the job offer id received from a ‘friend’ was a complete fabrication (ask me about it sometime ). It took me going through this, to have a glass of wine one night and write my notice.

I was angry, determined, and decided this was my time- I WAS GOING TO SUCCEED!

Since starting up the Accounting & Bookkeeping support page on Facebook, my story seems to resonate with so many people. You see, FEAR, it keeps us employed, nose down, working hard, thinking we will one day be rewarded, recognized or appreciated.

For some, this may be true.

Be honest with your self though, how many times have you worked a late night at the office, or brought work home, for your boss to make a joke with you about dragging it out, or padding your day?

Anyway, I’m not here to tell you all to have wine tonight and write your notice! I am here to tell you how much I’ve grown as a person, as a business owner, and about this passion inside me which has developed since I’ve spent every waking minute building my business.

Since October, my practice has doubled in size. I’ve moved into my very own office, hired an employee. I discovered the wonderful world of Accountex, which included so many inspirational and motivational people in the business. I also discovered software, not just your standard ones like sage and xero. I’m talking artificial intelligence as in Auto entry, receipt bank, tide, and myfirmsapp!

You see, I started to believe.
I believed in my self, my vision, I know now what I want to achieve.

Ask yourself, If you could do anything and press the reset button on your life right now, what would you be? would you be doing this job, your same job?

Or would you be out there, running your own business, building something?

Let go of the fear, and I swear you will change for the better.

-If you want to qualify in something, sign up for the course.

-If you want to start your own business, do it.

But don’t waste another day saying what if, because Fear will keep you frozen, and where you are right now, but the magic only happens outside of that comfort zone…..

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